About Us

Comfort - Modern - Functional

The vision of Modern World Artworks Ltd. is simple. Humans are the only mammal on earth with the ability to turn complex imaginative energy into physical realities. To never stop exploring this creative energy and always looking for ways to keep things fresh and interesting is the goal.

This creative pursuit has been carried out in the three different areas you see on the main page: Products, Art, and Writing.

The Company's first official commercial product, The Pen Cushion®, had a decent test run however it has now been discontinued. Please contact us if you'd like to purchase some of the remaining stock.

There are literally millions of artists with as many different styles and imaginative interpretations of beauty and form. We hope you like what we have on display in the art section, which has some of our owner's personally created one-of-kind airbrush art, pinstripe designs, and occasionally a few other hand made creations.

So, what about the writing then? Well, who doesn't love a good cookbook for example? We hope you appreciate the combination of humor and useful recipes. Also check out Trent's other books which are all available on Amazon Kindle.